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     St. George, SC – The Dorchester County Archives & History Center is still open for business!  The Center has a number of permanent exhibits including Native American, Geology, Natural History and Early Main Street, plus so much more.  As traveling exhibits leave the Center, they will be replaced with new exhibits, ensuring there’s always something “new” to see.

     Colonial Life in South Carolina is a traveling exhibit designed by the South Carolina State Museum.   It will be on display at Dorchester County Archives & History Center in April and May, 2017.

     The exhibit depicts life in the Carolinas from early European settlement to the Revolutionary War.  In the early 1500’s, Spain, France and England desired the land and resources of North America.  Their “New World” represented power and wealth, but it had long been home to Native Americans.  The Colonial period witnessed the struggles of native nations and European settlers to control the land that became South Carolina.

     On the coast, Charles Towne became one of the leading cities in the American colonies and a center of international trade.  Wealthy landowners spread their influence inland, building rice and indigo plantations along coastal rivers.  Colonists imported thousands of Africans into Charles Towne for use as slaves.  The skills and labor of enslaved people soon became an integral part of the colony’s economy.  By the 1720’s, nearly two-thirds of South Carolina’s population was African in origin.  In 1730, nine townships were created in South Carolina’s interior.  Immigrants from many northern colonies and European nations arrived to build farms and search for wealth, adding to Carolina’s ethnic and religious diversity.

     During the 1760’s, Britain began taxing colonial trade and the seed of revolution were sown.  Visitors to Colonial Life in South Carolina will learn about the everyday life of the colonists who settled the land we know of as South Carolina.

     Be sure to catch this interesting study of colonial life at Dorchester County Archives & History Center this April and May! 

Contact us at 843-563-0053 for more information or to schedule field trips.  

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming new exhibits!


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