Dorchester County Historical Society




Dear Members,

Our annual fundraiser, "Spring Tea," was held at Brosnan Forest on April 29th. It was a great success with a profit of $2550. Thank you to all members that helped host a table, gave donations and attended. All proceeds go toward preservation of the Historic Koger House.

On Sunday, April 30th, a historical marker was unveiled at the old St. George High School. Thank you to Wallace Kizer and members of the Class of 1954 who donated funds toward the marker purchase. 

This marker equates to 8 markers that have been erected by our society: Cypress Camp Ground, Shady Grove Camp Ground, St. Paul Camp Ground, Dorchester Lumber Company, Town of Dorchester, Town of Ridgeville and the Town of Harleyville. 

These markers are beautiful and a wonderful way to preserve the history of Dorchester County.

Bob Welch, Amateur Archeologist, has agreed to speak at our membership meeting on Thursday, May 11th. He has collected artifacts dating to the 1750s found from early plantation sites. Please come and bring a friend.

The Heritage Museum is now hosting a Colonial Life Exhibit featuring a chronological history of Colonial Life in South Carolina. The exhibit will be here through the end of May. I encourage you to visit.

On May 6th, at 6:00 pm, students from Dorchester Academy will portray historical characters in a wax museum. Put this on your calendar.

Just last week, 150 original letters were donated to the archives in an effort to preserve them. Also a Civil War sword was donated by Jim Way.  "Preserving Today for Tomorrow."  Our mission is becoming a reality.

I look forward to seeing you at the Historic Koger House on May 11th.

                                                                                                               Phyllis Hughes
                                                                                                               DCHC President


DCHS & DCA&HC Memberships

Membership into the Dorchester County Archives & History Center is separate from being a member of the DCHS.

At this time, Charter Membership into the DCA & HC has been extended through the end of 2016. As a charter member, your name will be placed on a plaque that will be hung in the center. Charter membership is $100.00. If you would like to join, you can do so by sending a check to DCA & HC, 101 Ridge Street, St. George, SC 29477.  I urge you to join and be a part of this very important endeavor.

Note: All present members who join the DCA&HC in 2014, 2015 or 2016 all dues are paid up through Dec 2017.



Lifetime   $250 (One time only)
Annual     $25 (Due February)


                Charter     $100.00 (Through Dec. 2015)
                Annual      $50.00 (Due 1 Jan.)
                Teachers  $25.00 (
Due 1 Jan.)
                Students   $25.00 (Due 1 Jan.)

      DCA&HC Membership Benefits:
          1. Unlimited research during hours of operation
Printed family histories every 3 years (provided the
           information is given)
          3. Annual reception honoring members


Once again in an effort to reduce printing and mailing costs we are requesting that you allow us to send the quarterly newsletter to you via email or that you download it from our website (see Newsletter page).  Presently it cost approximately $0.74 to print and mail each copy.   If you are willing to receive the newsletter via email please provide your email address to the Corresponding Secretary at the address below and put in the subject line "UDCHS Address". Thank you for your continued support.  

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